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Who we are 

Galilee Rising is a network of volunteers supporting Australians from all walks of life to step up and help halt the climate crisis by preventing coal mining in the Galilee Basin. We run information sessions, share resources and provide training to help scale peaceful protests on the frontline of Adani’s mine and in towns and cities across the country.

We collaborate with the Stop Adani grassroots movement, community groups on the ground in the Galilee Basin fighting Adani’s mine, and anyone aligned with our three guiding principles:

1. We champion mass participation in peaceful protest.

2. We work to make our movement open and accessible to people from all walks of life.

3. We create resources that are open source and shareable.

Our logo

The Galilee Rising logo depicts the Black Throated Finch. Some of the last remaining habitat of this critically endangered bird would be destroyed by Adani’s coal mine, with scientists saying it would spell the death knell” for this finch. An absurd ‘offset plan’ for the finch relies on land that would eventually be destroyed by Clive Palmer’s mine.

Photo by Eric Vanderduys

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