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Sometimes we need to take bold steps to protect the things that matter most. This is one of those times. A community run frontline camp has been set up from where people organise peaceful protests to stop Adani’s destructive mine and protect the Galilee. With construction already started on the mine, now is the time to step up like never before. Join with other everyday Australians on the frontlines for our future.

Whats involved?

What happens on the frontline?

The people powered effort to move Australia beyond coal needs everyone. The frontline camp is a base for people to meet and learn about the Galilee Basin and the fight to protect it.

Whilst there you can join peaceful protests to stop Adani’s destructive mine and help out in other ways. From cooking, cleaning, gardening at the camp; to assisting with photography, first aid, media and driving. 

All skills are welcomed and everyone is needed.

Where is the frontline camp?

The Camp, know as Binbee, is located on Birri country, an hour west of the Central Queensland town of Bowen. It’s a beautiful site by the banks of a sandy river with plenty of tree cover.

Camp Bimbee is well equipped with a camp kitchen, vegetable garden, office space and shaded meeting areas. 

Who runs the camp?

 Camp is run by dedicated volunteers from all parts of the diverse Stop Adani movement. Volunteers from Frontline Action on Coal, a community led climate justice group help organise people’s trips to the frontline camp.

What are the principles of the frontline camp?

The camp is committed to the principles of Nonviolent Direct Action and requires everyone to abide by these principles. This means you must:

  • Behave and speak respectfully to other people, including camp members, mine workers and police.
  • Not behave in a violent, aggressive, or intimidating way towards other people, including camp members, mine workers and police.

You can read the full Participants’ Agreement.

Are there legal risks to taking part in protests?

There’s many ways to protest against the construction of Adani’s mine. Some actions can have legal risks. We acknowledge that interactions with the police and the legal system can mean very different things for different people. We recommend visiting the Action Ready site to learn more about your rights and what’s involved in taking action in Queensland. 

What do I need to bring?

Be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. The days are warming up (high 20’s) but the nights are still cold. When you are out taking action, you can expect it to be quite hot so be prepared for outdoor actions with your day-pack and sun gear.

In addition to your own camping gear and personal items we recommend:

  • Face mask + hand sanitiser
  • A large drink bottle for water and your own hydralites to help absorb the water
  • Broad brimmed sun hat (and/or an umbrella); Sunscreen/zinc; Insect repellant
  • Light clothing that covers all your skin; Warm clothing for night; Sturdy walking shoes
  • Greywater safe personal cleaning products
  • Notepad, pens
  • Camp chair (if driving)
  • Head torch
  • Laptop if you wish to do work here and a telstra SIM card if you want to access the internet
  • Small backpack to take to actions that can hold all of your personal effects
  • A full tank of fuel when you are arrive
  • Cash for your financial contribution for your stay, if possible ($15/day unwaged, $25/day waged – covers all food)
  • First Nations solidarity t-shirts and flags
  • If you are driving, please also pack
    • Ideally 20lt of water for each person in the car
    • In addition to a full tank of fuel, a full jerry can of fuel (if you can)

The following items can be helpful if you have them:

  • Portable phone charger and any old smartphone that captures photos/video and can be used for communication
  • Binoculars
  • Camera (DSLRs + lenses + SD cards appreciated!)

 Please do not bring:

  • Any illicit substances
  • Pets (it is preferable that dogs remain at home)

Getting to the Front line


Camp Binbee is located an hour west of Bowen.

The drive from Brisbane is roughly 14 hours.


This Facebook group is a space to offer or request a ride to the camp.
Join the group and carpool to camp!


You can catch the Spirit of Queensland and NSW Translink from all major areas along the east coast to Bowen. Book here

The camp can arrange a pick-up from town.


Both Greyhound and Premier have services to Bowen.

The camp can arrange a pick-up from town.


The nearest airport is at Proserpine (Whitsundays Airport) which can be reached by a number of cheap airlines. An airport pick-up can be arranged.

Need Help?

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