Help from Home

If you can’t make it to Central Queensland, there are still plenty of ways to help. Why not organise an info session or fundraiser for your community? It could be as simple as having some friends and family around for dinner – or hosting a community trivia night. We will help you with promotion and logistics.

Host an info session

Organise an update for your community on what is happening in the Galilee Basin and how they join the growing movement of people ready to take peaceful action on the frontlines and at home to stop new coal mines. 

Help raise funds

A fundraiser can be big or small and take many forms from a local music gig to a cake stall. Your support will help the growing movement to shift Australia beyond coal for a safe, livable climate. You can also donate directly to our fundraising campaign.

Reach Out To Your Community

Help grow the movement by getting your community to take the Galilee Rising Pledge. We need thousands of people ready to take part in peaceful protest on the frontline, and in towns and cities across the country. 

You can collect pledges through market stalls, flyering, at festivals and more!

Take the Galilee Rising pledge

I pledge to step up and do what it takes to protect the climate, country, water and everyone’s future by stopping coal billionaires from digging up the Galilee Basin.


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