Stopping Adani: An extremely brief history of blockading

May 1, 2020 | Webinar

Stopping Adani: An extremely brief history of blockading

Our first session explores the history of the #StopAdani Blockade, Camp Binbee, and other important blockades that have won positive social change in our history.

Speakers include long time organiser Anisa Rogers (who gravitates between Frontline Action on Coal, LASNET and XR VIC), musician, writer and broadcaster Andy Paine (Paradigm Shift Radio on 4ZZZ, Frontline Action on Coal) and friendly Galilee Rising organiser, Nic Dureau.

This session highlights key blockades that were successful in their attempt to stop work including sharing some of the rich history of occupations and blockades seeking to enshrine sovereignty for First Nations people across Australia and environmental protections.

More reading and resources:

Slides from webinar

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Protection treaty between Leard Forest Alliance and Gomeroi Elders

More on Terania Creek:
Have a listen to this awesome podcast by Iain McIntyre which tells the story of Terania Creek and the Nightcap National Park, including great songs! it’s so interesting to hear how they did a blockade without having the knowledge we have today! It’s right at the bottom of this page under Treesits, lock-ons and barricades, Part 3

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Listen and watch 40 years of Australian blockading songs

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