Working with workers: blockade supporting a transition

Jul 3, 2020 | Webinar

Working with workers: blockade supporting a transition

In search of change, blockaders often find themselves at odds with the industry they seek to change. This can sometimes feel like you’re at odds with the workers in that industry. We are facilitating this discussion because we want to talk about whether blockades have a role in supporting the community around them to transition. Whether it’s mine workers at Adani’s minesite, blue collar workers on a city building project, or loggers in a quiet Tasmanian town, workers are struggling within the same system. By working with workers we build a stronger movement for change.

During this session we will hear from experienced organisers involved in forest blockades and transitioning the coal communities of the Latrobe Valley. Miranda Gibson is well known for holding the record for time spent in a tree sit in Australia (449 days!). She’ll speak about what it’s like being faced with workers who are desperately trying to protect their jobs. She will be joined by Dave Kirin who was instrumental in restarting the EarthWorker collective in the Latrobe Valley where a new co-op allowed ex-miners to find meaningful work post Hazelwood mine.

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July 9 will be the final installment of our webinar series, Blockades and community care: nonviolence as healing, we hope you can join us! 

One of the foundations of the work we do in nonviolence is nonviolent communication. This short introduction to Nonviolent Communication will help keep us on track while facing the ever increasing challenges to do our work sustainably and attend to our relationships.

Despair, anger, and fear drain energy from the beauty of the vision we have for the world. Identifying and focusing on what really matters creates energy and unleashes more creativity in imagining strategies to meet more people’s needs. To be driven by vision is the most effective way to sustain ourselves in our work while opening up to what is possible beyond what we have imagined.

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